New Faculty 2020


Shuolong Yang

Assistant Professor
Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the College

Shuolong Yang focuses on the fabrication and characterization of novel quantum materials, in particular at material interfaces. His goal is to engineer material interfaces using such atomic-level synthesis techniques as molecular beam epitaxy and characterize the electronic properties using advanced electron spectroscopies. These powerful instruments will enable accelerated material discoveries in a combinatorial fashion and lead to new directions in condensed matter physics, materials science, and quantum information science.

His work has appeared in such journals as Physical Review Letters, Science, Nano Letters, and Applied Physics.

Yang obtained his PhD in applied physics and BS in physics from Stanford University, where he received the J. E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University, working at the intersection of condensed matter physics and materials science.

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