New Faculty 2020


Shannon Elf

Assistant Professor
Ben May Department for Cancer Research and the College

Shannon Elf focuses on identifying, characterizing, and targeting unique molecular vulnerabilities in myeloid blood cancers. Identifying and targeting non-mutated genes and pathways upon which blood cancer cells are uniquely dependent represents a promising therapeutic avenue for patients with these diseases, one that has the potential to synergize with current molecular therapies to limit the development of drug resistance. Her laboratory is working to understand whether a particular cellular stress response pathway is required for the survival of mutant calreticulin cells and whether drugs can be used to target this pathway for therapeutic gain. The ultimate goal of her work is to influence the evolving landscape of targeted therapies for the treatment of myeloid blood cancers in order to improve the outcome and quality of life for patients.

Her work has been published in the journals Blood, Oncogene, Cancer Discovery, and Nature Cell Biology.

Elf holds a PhD in molecular and systems pharmacology from Emory University and an AB in biology and music from Bowdoin College. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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