New Faculty 2020


Headshot of Robert Rand

Robert Rand

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and the College

Robert Rand works at the intersection of programming languages and quantum computing. In particular, he investigates how to take computers that harness the notoriously complex laws of quantum mechanics and make them intuitive to program. He also studies how to ensure the correctness of quantum programs, both before and after execution.

He co-developed QWIRE, a quantum circuit language, and VOQC, a verified optimizing compiler for quantum programs, and incorporated elements of both in an online textbook, Verified Quantum Computing. His research has also been published in Principles of Programming Languages, Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics, and Quantum Physics and Logic.

Rand was a Victor Basili Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland and the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science. He earned a BA summa cum laude in computer science and mathematics from Yeshiva University, and a PhD in computer and information science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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