New Faculty 2020


Raul Castro Fernandez

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and the College

Raul Castro Fernandez builds high-performance and scalable systems to discover, prepare, and process data. He specializes in identifying problems that, if solved, would make the user’s life easier. A key component of his research is building practical systems to test hypotheses both in the lab and in real life.

He is currently building data management systems. The goal of this new generation of systems is to speed up data management tasks that, today, take weeks and months to complete. Previously, he built Aurum, a data discovery system that summarizes large volumes of data into efficient data structures and implements a novel discovery interface to help analysts answer discovery questions. He has also designed and built systems to process large-scale data with programming interfaces that allow users to write sophisticated algorithms, from machine learning applications to streaming and monitoring applications.

Castro Fernandez earned a PhD in data processing at Imperial College London and completed his postdoctoral research on data discovery and other stages of the data science pipeline at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Photo credit: Jason Dorfman