New Faculty 2020


Max Tabord-Meehan

Assistant Professor
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics and the College

Economist Max Tabord-Meehan is interested in the areas of econometric theory and applied econometrics. His recent work has focused on developing statistical tools to help policymakers use data to make decisions. Potential applications include increasing the effectiveness of randomized controlled trials and selecting appropriate policies when scaling up randomized controlled trials to a larger population. His latest article, “Inference with Dyadic Data: Asymptotic Behavior of the Dyadic-Robust t-Statistic,” forthcoming in the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, studies inference in the linear model with dyadic data and proposes a degree of freedom correction that can help improve inference in finite samples.

He is the recipient of the 2019 Arnold Zellner Thesis Award in business and economic statistics from the American Statistical Association.

Tabord-Meehan earned his PhD in economics at Northwestern University, his MA in economics at the University of Western Ontario, and his bachelor’s degree with honors in pure mathematics at the University of Waterloo.

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