New Faculty 2020


Levi DeValve

Assistant Professor
Chicago Booth and the College

Levi DeValve’s research lies at the intersection of operations management and optimization. He is particularly interested in using optimization to make better decisions in complex operational contexts, including real-time demand fulfillment in online retail, inventory management in assemble-to-order systems, matching supply and demand in network environments, and pricing digital services on platforms. His research uses a variety of optimization techniques to identify good policies in these contexts that can reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

DeValve was a finalist in the 2019 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Practice-Based Research Competition and received the 2018 IBM Research Service Science Section’s Best Student Paper Award. He earned his PhD in decision sciences from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and received a BS in mathematics from the University of Connecticut. Previously, he was a consultant with ZS Associates, where he leveraged large data sets to provide clients with strategic insight for operational decisions.

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Photo credit: John Zich