New Faculty 2020


Headshot of Laura Gagliardi

Laura Gagliardi

Richard and Kathy Leventhal Professor
Department of Chemistry, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, James Franck Institute, and the College

Laura Gagliardi’s research interests and expertise include the development of novel quantum chemical methods for strongly correlated systems and the combination of first-principle methods with classical simulation techniques. The applications are focused on the computational design of novel materials and molecular systems for energy-relevant challenges. She devotes special focus to modeling catalysis and spectroscopy in molecular systems, catalysis and gas separations in porous materials, photovoltaic properties of organic and inorganic semiconductors, separation of actinides, and magnetic materials.

She has published over 370 refereed and highly cited articles, in journals that include the Journal of Computational Chemistry, Nature, Journal of the American Chemical Society, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Nature Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Chemical Communications, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, and Journal of Chemical Physics.

Gagliardi recently held a McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. She previously taught at the University of Geneva and the University of Palermo. She completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, and earned MA, MS, PhD, and JD degrees from the University of Bologna.

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Photo credit: Eileen Harvala