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Kate Burrows

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences and the College

Kate Burrows is an environmental epidemiologist who primarily studies the effects of climate change on human health and well-being. She has conducted research globally to examine the impact of environmental disasters, including hurricanes, landslides, and flooding, on physical and mental health outcomes. Her findings have been used to improve disaster response planning and preparedness. Her current research examines the effects of extreme heat on mental health outcomes in the United States.

Her research has been published in Nature Communications, Nature Ecology & Evolution, The Lancet Planetary Health, Environmental Health Perspectives, and Environmental Research Letters.

 Burrows earned a BA in sustainable development and an MPH in sociomedical sciences from Columbia University. She completed a PhD from Yale University’s School of the Environment. Most recently, she was a Voss Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute at Brown University for Environment and Society.

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