New Faculty 2020


Gabriel Winant

Assistant Professor
Department of History and the College

Gabriel Winant studies social inequality in the modern United States. He is interested in the relationship between economic and social change: how families, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities have changed with the process of economic development, and what new forms of social solidarity and social difference have emerged from this process. His first book, forthcoming, is tentatively titled Crucible of Care: The Fall of Steel, the Rise of Health Care, and the Making of a New Working Class (Harvard University Press). In it, he argues that deindustrialization caused a massive, sustained increase in the demand for care and the emergence of a new economy centered on caregiving, characterized by low-wage, unstable working conditions and intense racial and gender inequality—forms of exclusion that represent a paradoxical continuity from the midcentury welfare state.

Winant earned Yale University’s John Addison Porter Prize for best dissertation in any subject and the George Washington Egleston Historical Prize for best dissertation in American history, in addition to several grants and fellowships.

He received his PhD in history from Yale University, a master’s degree in historical studies from the University of Cambridge, and a bachelor’s degree in political science with honors from Stanford University. He is a visiting scholar at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2019–2020.

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