New Faculty 2020


Erin Galgay Walsh

Assistant Professor
Divinity School and the College

Erin Galgay Walsh’s scholarly interests include the reception and translation of biblical literature, asceticism, and gender within the late antique Mediterranean world. Her research focuses on the literature of Syriac- and Greek-speaking Christians, particularly early Christian poetry. Her current book project examines how Syriac and Greek poets retold and expanded biblical stories featuring unnamed New Testament women. She studies how male poets inhabited the voices of marginalized female biblical figures in order to make interpretative and theological claims. More broadly, her research and teaching interests include the history of biblical interpretation, Syriac language and literature, embodied practices, religious poetry, and women and gender within the ancient world. She works across the languages of early Christianity—Syriac, Latin, Greek, and Armenian—and has an interest in translation and multilingualism in the late antique and early Byzantine east.

Walsh holds a PhD and a master’s degree in theological studies from Duke University, as well as a BA in classics from Boston College. She was a junior fellow in Byzantine studies at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection of Harvard University. She is the executive editor of Christianity at Ancient Jew Review, a nonprofit web journal devoted to the interdisciplinary study of ancient Judaism.

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