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Eric Richert

Assistant Professor
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics and the College

Eric Richert works at the intersection of empirical industrial organization and finance. His work brings together theoretical models and data to analyze the behavior of firms, with a particular focus on the design of financial markets. His work has examined a range of financial markets, including those for selling Treasuries, selling failed banks, and pricing payouts of credit default swaps. Since many financial markets operate via auction-like mechanisms, his work uses and develops tools for the empirical study of auctions, as well as computing equilibrium, and learning about firms through their observed actions.

Richert has recently presented his work at the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Colby College Conference on Auctions, the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, and the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics session on financial regulation.

He received a BA in economics from Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Canada, and an MA and PhD in economics from Queen’s University at Kingston, in Canada. Most recently he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University.

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