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David Zemmour

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and the College

David Zemmour is board-certified in clinical pathology and specializes in hematopathology for the diagnosis of blood diseases. His graduate and postdoctoral studies focused on regulatory T cells (Tregs), unique cells in the body that specialize in preventing autoimmune diseases. Through computational methods, his research defined tissue-specific signatures that established the cross talk between Tregs and their microenvironment, a major new concept in the field. In his new laboratory, he explores the fundamental question of how cells communicate to perform bodily functions. His team develops novel conceptual and technical methods to measure cell-to-cell interactions in tissues. Through this new approach, his research provides a fresh viewpoint on how immune responses unfold, tissues work, and diseases develop.

Zemmour’s work has been presented at international conferences and published in several peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Immunology, Science Immunology, PNAS, Cell, and Science. He was honored with the American Society for Clinical Investigation Emerging Generation Award.

He obtained an MD in Paris from Sorbonne University and a PhD in immunology from Harvard University. He completed a residency in clinical pathology and a fellowship in hematopathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School, where he was a chief resident.

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