New Faculty 2018


Chong Liu

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecular Engineering and the College

Chong Liu’s research focuses on the design and synthesis of materials, as well as the development of electrochemical and optical tools to address the challenges in the water-energy nexus. Her areas of interest include resource extraction from water systems, separation in liquid and gas phases, and catalysis. She studies phenomena that span scales of enormous length, from molecular interaction to mass transport. Her work aims to develop advanced characterization tools to understand and correlate the materials’ microscopic properties to macroscopic performance.

Her findings have been published in ACS (American Chemical Society) Central Science, Nature Energy, Nature Nanotechnology, Nano Letters, and Nature Communications.

Chong received her PhD in materials science and engineering, with a minor in civil and environmental engineering, from Stanford University, and a BS in chemistry from Fudan University in China. Most recently, she was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, where she developed alternating current/direct current (AC/DC) electrochemical methods for sustainable mining of energy resources from seawater and recovery of heavy metals from wastewater using functional nanomaterials.

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