New Faculty 2020


Chibueze Amanchukwu

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the College

Chibueze Amanchukwu’s expertise is in electrolyte design, batteries, and electrochemistry. His research focuses on the design and synthesis of new electrolyte media for battery and electrocatalytic applications. He is primarily interested in the study of electrolytes (polymers, small molecules, and hybrids) that can decouple electrochemical instability from ionic conductivity to enable new battery chemistries with higher energy densities and longer cycle life. He is also interested in controlling the electrocatalyst-electrolyte interface through understanding of ion and molecular transport within the electrolyte. His work aims to improve understanding of electrolytes in electrochemical systems, utilize advanced characterization tools, and address challenges in electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems.

Amanchukwu received his PhD in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his work was supported by a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, a GEM Fellowship, and an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Minority PhD Scholarship. He holds a BS in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University. Most recently, he was a TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellow in Sustainable Energy at Stanford University (chemical engineering) and a visiting fellow in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. His research has also been recognized with awards from the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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Photo credit: Daniel Ajadi