New Faculty 2020


Headshot of Chenhao Tan

Chenhao Tan

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and the College

Chenhao Tan combines natural language processing, artificial intelligence (AI), and computational social science to study human-centered machine learning, using AI to empower humans and augment human decision making. His research examines how machine learning can help humans detect deception, enhance creativity, and discover new knowledge from data. He has also studied how language influences social interaction such as persuasion, the ecosystem of ideas, and multicommunity engagement.

Along with numerous scholarly publications, his work has been featured in many news outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. He is a recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award, an NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering Research Initiation Initiative award, an Amazon Research Award, an IBM Faculty Award, and a Salesforce Research Deep Learning Grant.

Tan studied computer science and economics as an undergraduate at Tsinghua University and obtained his PhD in computer science from Cornell University. Most recently, he was an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to that, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington.

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