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Axel R. Concepcion

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the College

Axel R. Concepcion is a molecular biologist whose areas of expertise include cell signaling, immunology, and physiology. His research focuses on the identification and characterization of novel membrane proteins and ion channels in cells of the immune system, and involves the use of functional genetic screens in immune cells in the context of viral infection, autoimmunity, and cancer. His research combines cross-disciplinary approaches, including functional genomics, systems immunology, electrophysiology, and a set of cell and molecular biology techniques, to understand the complex molecular networks regulated by ion channels in immune cells and advance our knowledge of how these plasma membrane proteins coordinate the immune responses to make fundamental and translational advances in immunotherapy.

His work has been published in Nature Immunology, Nature Communications, Journal of Clinical Investigation, European Journal of Immunology, and Oncotarget.

Concepcion received his BSc in chemical technology from the University of Panama, and his MSc and PhD in cell and molecular biology from the University of Navarra in Spain. Most recently, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Pathology at New York University Grossman School of Medicine, where his work was supported by Bernard B. Levine and Alfonso Martin Escudero postdoctoral fellowships.

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