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Anthony Kaldellis

Department of Classics and the College

Anthony Kaldellis’s research explores the history, culture, and literature of the east Roman empire—known popularly as “Byzantium”—from antiquity to the 15th century. An earlier phase of his work focused on how it received ancient Greek culture, for example, how its authors imitated classical models, how notions of Greek identity changed, and how ancient temples such as the Parthenon were repurposed as Christian churches. His monographs include Procopius of Caesarea, Hellenism in Byzantium, and The Christian Parthenon. A second phase of his research has brought to light the enduring Roman matrices of Byzantine life and thought, focusing on politics and ethnic identities. Key monographs in this area include The Byzantine Republic and Romanland: Ethnicity and Empire in Byzantium.

He has also translated into English the works of many medieval Greek writers, including Prokopios, Genesios, Psellos, Attaleiates, and Laonikos Chalkokondyles. His books have been translated into other modern languages, including Turkish, French, Romanian, Russian, and Greek. In 2019, he launched the first academic podcast for his field, Byzantium & Friends. He has recently finished a new, comprehensive history of east Rome from Constantine the Great to Mehmed Fatih, which embeds social, economic, religious, and demographic developments within a lively narrative framework.

Kaldellis received his PhD in history from the University of Michigan. Most recently, he was a professor in and chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University.

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