Yossi Weizmann

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry and the College

Nanomaterial science has the power to impact important issues in our lives and effect significant improvements in the fields of medical diagnostics, renewable energy, technology, engineering, and environmental care. Yossi Weizmann is concerned with the application of nanowire-based electronic/optical devices in the biological and chemical detection area, with the aim of exploring and exploiting nanoscale advantages in the world of material chemistry to address significant chemical, biochemical, and technological problems. One of the central themes of his research is to approach nanoscience from a multidisciplinary perspective by integrating biomaterials (nucleic acids and proteins), inorganic materials, carbon nanotubes, and small molecules via noncovalent and covalent interactions to design new hybrid materials with emergent properties.

Weizmann was awarded the Rudolf Graf Prize in Excellence, the Johanna Friedlander Memorial Prize in Excellence, and the Kaye Award for Innovations, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He earned his PhD in biosensors and nanostructure materials, and MS in biotechnology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received a BTech in biotechnology engineering from the Ort Braude Academic College of Engineering.

Weizmann joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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