Xiaoyang Wu

Assistant Professor
Ben May Department for Cancer Research

Xiaoyang Wu’s research interests include somatic stem cells in skin. The skin epidermis and its appendages provide a protective barrier that keeps harmful microbes out and essential body fluids in. To perform these functions while confronting the harsh physicochemical traumas from the outside world, our skin must undergo rejuvenation through homeostasis and wound repair. Both processes rely on the activities of skin stem cells, including the activation and migration of stem cells upon wounding and the delicate balance of stem cell proliferation, self-renewal, and differentiation during tissue homeostasis. Understanding the underlying mechanisms is particularly important, as these processes, when gone awry, lead to skin diseases including cancers.

Wu was the first author for a number of publications, including “Focal Adhesion Kinase Regulation of N-WASP Subcellular Localization and Function” and “ACF7 Regulates Cytoskeletal–Focal Adhesion Dynamics and Cell Migration and Has ATPase Activity.” Most recently, he received the Cancer Research Foundation Young Investigator Award and an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant.

Wu was awarded his PhD in pharmacology from Cornell University in 2006. He also received biochemistry degrees from Nanjing University, China (MS in 2000 and BS in 1997).

Wu joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.