Thomas Wollmann

Assistant Professor
Chicago Booth

Thomas Wollmann primarily studies how firms compete in markets where products are differentiated from one another by their attributes. His research is built on the fact that in many industries markets clear through the entry and exit of individual products rather than of firms, which had been the focus of most prior work in economics. His work develops tractable models that business policy makers can use to optimally position their product offerings and that public policy makers can employ to assess the potential impact of a regulatory change or antitrust decision.

His other work measures the impact of research expenditures on scientific output at American colleges and universities, studies how entrepreneurs can signal the value of their product and firm when basic market data like price are difficult to observe, and shows how managers can use rules-of-thumb to approximate complicated decisions. 

Wollmann received a BS in economics and finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a PhD in business economics from Harvard University.

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