Thibaut D'Hubert

Assistant Professor
Department of South Asian Languages & Civilizations and the College

Thibaut d’Hubert performs research on the poetics of Bengali literature before the 19th century. The northeastern region of South Asia is at the crossroads of culturally contrasted areas. The evolution of the literature written in Bengali, a major cultural language of the region, testifies to strong formal, aesthetic, and thematic continuities, as well as a fascinating range of changes due to the multiple literary traditions with which Bengali authors were conversant.

D’Hubert’s current book project explores the works of Alaol, a court poet and translator of the 17th century who blended the Hindustani, Persian, and Sanskrit literary traditions of his time in a single cultural ethos using Bengali. His works allow the modern reader to envision the fabric of poetry in a tradition that barely produced any theoretical writings on poetics before the late 17th century.

He received a PhD from the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris, in 2010. He holds an MA in Bengali (2004), an MPhil in advanced Asian studies (2006), a BA in Sanskrit and Indian studies (2006), and a BA in Bengali language (2003).

D'Hubert joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2010.

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