Supratik Guha

Institute for Molecular Engineering and the College

Supratik Guha is a materials scientist whose research focuses on new semiconductors and oxide materials and devices for new computing architectures, cyberphysical sensing systems, and energy conversion technologies. He is particularly interested in the discovery of thin film materials and novel devices that can be used for ultra-low-power non-Boolean computing and sensing.

Prior to joining the University, Guha spent 20 years at IBM Research and was appointed its director of physical sciences in 2010. He was responsible for IBM’s worldwide research strategy in the physical sciences between 2010 and 2015. He has made many contributions to semiconductor materials science, including pioneering the development of high dielectric constant metal gate transistors, one of the most significant developments in silicon chip technology in decades. He was awarded the 2015 Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics from the American Physical Society and the 2013 IBM Corporate Award for his work on this technology. He is a fellow of the Materials Research Society and the American Physical Society, and was recently elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Guha received his PhD in materials science from the University of Southern California. He will also hold a joint appointment as director of the Nanoscience and Technology Division at Argonne National Laboratory.

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