Steve Cicala

Assistant Professor 
Harris School of Public Policy Studies 

Steve Cicala’s work is focused on environmental and energy economics and the economics of regulation. His current research examines recent deregulatory initiatives in the United States’ electricity sector, finding that deregulation has led to a twelve percent reduction in fuel costs and the adoption of less capital-intensive pollution abatement techniques at coal-fired power plants. Cicala uses the empirical results from this study to evaluate the importance of competing theories of regulatory inefficiency. His ongoing research focuses on how wholesale electricity markets have reallocated electricity production to lower-cost power plants.

Cicala received an AB in economics and political science from the University of Chicago and a PhD in economics from Harvard University. Following receipt of his undergraduate degree, he spent two years as a research associate at the Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory. While at Harvard, he was awarded the Enel Endowment Prize for the best environmental economics paper by a doctoral student. 

Cicala joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2013.

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