Robert Gulotty

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and the College

Robert Gulotty’s research interests include international political economy, international relations, and methodology. His current research focuses on the politics of trade and the consequences of global production for international cooperation. In a book project, “Governing Trade Beyond Tariffs,” he argues that governments use trade barriers to attract and retain the profits of global production. In work published in International Organization, he studies the politics of trade opening following World War II. Using fine-grained statistical analysis and archival research, this work identifies the politics underlying this shift in United States foreign policy.

Gulotty has served as a consultant with the World Trade Organization Secretariat in the Economic Research and Statistics Division. In that role, he was an author of the 2012 World Trade Report on non-tariff measures, contributed analysis for the resolution of global trade disputes, and worked to bridge the gap between practitioners and scholars of regulation and trade policy.

Gulotty earned a PhD in political science and an MA in economics from Stanford University, and has held a postdoctoral research position with Stanford’s Department of Political Science and the Stanford Center for International Development.

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