Patrick Crowley

Assistant Professor 
Department of Art History and the College 

Patrick Crowley specializes in the art and archaeology of the Roman world. In addition to such traditional categories of Roman art as sarcophagi and portraiture, his research interests include ancient theories of vision, historiography, and the reception of antiquity in modern and contemporary art. 

His current book project, “The Phantom Image: Visuality and the Supernatural in the Greco-Roman World,” is the first major historical study of ghosts in the art and visual culture of classical antiquity. Another recent publication is “Picturing the Gaze in the Greco-Roman World,” in D. Damaskos and D. Plantzos, Roman Reception of Greek Art and Culture (forthcoming). 

Crowley received MA, MPhil, and PhD (with distinction) degrees in art history and archaeology from Columbia University. He also holds a BA with high honors and high distinction in classical archaeology from the University of Michigan, where he was awarded the Classical Archaeology Prize. 

Crowley joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2013.

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