Matthew Landauer

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and the College

Matthew Landauer’s scholarly research interests are focused on classical political thought, democratic theory, rhetoric and political discourse, and knowledge and politics. In his current book project, “Dangerous Counsel: Democracy, Tyranny, and Advice in Ancient Greece,” he explores the relationship between Athenian democratic institutions and norms and their counterparts in ancient autocratic regimes. He draws upon the works of Greek orators, historians, dramatists, and philosophers to analyze the politics of accountability and advice across ancient democratic and autocratic contexts. He shows that in its relation to its advisers, the Athenian demos could be—and was—aptly compared to a tyrant, in that both were conceived of as powerful decision-makers, able to solicit advice and hold their advisers to account. This rethinking of the relationship between tyranny and democracy has implications for the understanding of ancient democratic institutions, political discourse, and the critical responses Athenian democracy evoked.

His research has been published in Political Theory and History of Political Thought. Another article, “Democratic Theory and the Athenian Public Sphere,” is forthcoming in Polis.

Landauer earned a PhD in political science from Harvard University. Prior to joining the University of Chicago, he was a College Fellow at Harvard University.

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