Marko Malink

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy and the College

Marko Malink’s research centers on Aristotle’s logic and metaphysics. He is working on the Prior Analytics’ modal syllogistic and is researching how Aristotle’s metaphysical views on essence and predication can help us to understand the modal syllogistic. He is also interested in the origin and development of the notion of formal logic in antiquity.

He was a visiting scholar at the Rutgers University Department of Philosophy, funded by Excellence Cluster Topoi, Berlin, and received a doctoral scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

Malink has several publications, including “Figures of Prosleptic Syllogisms in Prior Analytics 2.7” (forthcoming), “A Non-Extensional Notion of Conversion in the Organon,” “Indeterminate Propositions in Prior Analytics 1.41,” and “A Method of Modal Proof in Aristotle” (coauthor).

Malink earned his PhD in philosophy from Humboldt University Berlin and an MA in logic and theory of science, Ancient Greek, and Sorbian studies from the University of Leipzig.

Malink joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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