Marcus Kronforst

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolution

Marcus Kronforst’s research focuses on evolution and genetics, primarily using butterflies as a study system. He and the members of his lab apply a combination of molecular and population genetics, phylogenetics, behavioral studies, and field research to address questions regarding the underlying genetic basis of wing patterning and the origin of new butterfly species.

Kronforst has published papers describing various aspects of evolutionary genetics. He is also a member of an international collaboration that sequenced the genome of the butterfly Heliconius melpomene. The paper describing this project, authored by the Heliconius Genome Consortium, was recently published in the journal Nature. Additional papers have been published in Science, PNAS, PLoS Genetics, and a number of other journals.

Kronforst earned his PhD in ecology, evolution, and behavior from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004. He received his BS in biology from the University of Miami in 1998. Prior to joining the University of Chicago, he held a five-year Bauer Fellowship at Harvard University’s FAS Center for Systems Biology.

Kronforst joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.