Luca Grandi

Assistant Professor 
Department of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College 

Luca Grandi studies fundamental physics, of a type that is able to change one’s way of looking at the surrounding world and provide a deeper understanding of how nature works. He has also been attracted by small-scale, human-size experiments, and enjoys designing and operating detectors and analyzing their collected data. These interests led him toward the field of rare events physics and, more specifically, toward dark matter direct searches. This area of research has great potential for discovery and the capability of providing experimental results that affect the foundation of our physics theories. 

To date, his activities have been focused on the development of liquid argon two-phase time projection chamber (TPC) technology for dark matter direct detection. He was involved in the design, construction, and operation of the WArP-2.3kg prototype, the first and only argon detector to have set a limit on the WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles) interaction rate. Together with colleagues from other institutions, he cofounded the DarkSide project, which combines two-phase argon and organic liquid scintillator technologies. DarkSide-50, the first physics detector of the DarkSide family, is being deployed at Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory in Italy, and has become an international collaboration involving other institutions from the United States and Europe. 

Grandi completed his PhD course of study in physics at Pavia University in Italy. 

Grandi joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2013.

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