Lev Becker

Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Lev Becker’s research interests include using proteomics and bioinformatics to investigate the roles of macrophages in atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, and sleep disruption in an integrated manner. His studies examine how changes to cellular protein expression patterns manifest in altered functional/phenotypic states. In this regard, complex protein expression patterns have been leveraged for the purposes of identifying coherent protein networks with disease-causing properties, interrogating macrophage/dendritic cell phenotype in vivo, and identifying proteins (or groups of proteins) that mediate specific biological activities.

He was the recipient of the 2012 George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities Excellence Award for Pediatrics, as well as the 2008 Young Investigator Award, Third International Symposium–Integrated Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease. Becker was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington’s Department of Medicine.

Becker received his PhD in biochemistry from Queen’s University in Canada in 2003 as well as his MSc in 1999. He received his BSc from Queen’s University in 1997.

Becker joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.