Joshua Hemmerich

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Joshua Hemmerich is a cognitive psychologist with expertise in decision-making research, research design and methodology, and statistical analyses. His primary focus is on the psychological, emotional, and clinical aspects involved in the decisions of relevant participants in a treatment decision. His research includes experimental simulation studies of medical treatment decisions involving risky options and uncertainty among older patients, as well as analyses of pre-collected data on clinical practice and patient outcomes. Hemmerich draws on his methodological and statistical expertise in the design and execution of all of his research projects as well as in educating students and fellows in the Section of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. The results of his work are applicable to improving the medical treatment of older patients.

He received a BA in psychology with a minor in neuroscience from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio and completed his PhD work in cognitive psychology with a secondary focus in statistics, methods, and measurement at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After five years of research collaboration as a staff member, he joined the Department of Medicine faculty in the Section of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine in June 2010. He has collaborated on numerous projects investigating medical treatment decision-making among patients and physicians, and has published peer-reviewed work in such geriatric, cancer, and psychology journals as Journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Journal of Vascular Surgery, Medical Care, and Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Hemmerich joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2010.

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