Itamar Francez

Assistant Professor
Department of Linguistics and the College

Itamar Francez focuses his research on natural language meaning. He works in formal semantics, using logical tools to model the intuitions speakers have about the meaning of expressions in their native tongues. One aspect of his research explores how such tools can be used to explain the relation between meaning and form. Recent interests include the role of meaning in principled cross-linguistic variation and the interaction between conventional linguistic meaning and pragmatic reasoning in the overall significance of linguistic expressions.

Francez received his PhD from Stanford University in 2006 and his BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the following years, he was a postdoctoral scholar at Yale University, the University of Manchester, and the University of Chicago. In 2011, he was a Harper and Schmidt fellow of the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago.

Francez joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.