Gina Fedock

Assistant Professor
School of Social Service Administration

Gina Fedock’s scholarly work spans the boundaries of public health, criminology, and social work, centering on the complexity of factors that impact the physical and mental health of women. Her research focuses on women’s interactions with formal systems (e.g., medical and criminal-legal systems) and examines influencing factors on women’s health. Her research includes implementing, testing, and evaluating interventions that are designed to improve the quality of women’s lives in the community and in correctional settings such as prison.

Fedock’s previous clinical work encompassed trauma-informed practices and violence prevention and treatment. Her research has appeared in such journals as Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.

She earned her MSW in interpersonal practice and community organizing from the University of Michigan and her doctorate in social work from Michigan State University.

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