Fabrice Smieliauskas

Assistant Professor

Department of Health Studies and the College

Fabrice Smieliauskas studies markets for medical technologies. Part of his work focuses on the extent to which financial relationships between physicians and industry lead to actual, as opposed to potential, conflicts of interest; the goals that industry seeks to advance by fostering such relationships; and the effects on quality of care received by patients. Other themes include incremental innovation in medicine and the provision of information to markets through clinical trials.

He has several working papers under submission or in preparation, including “Conflicts of Interest in Medical Technology Markets: Evidence from Orthopedic Surgery,” “Peer Effects and Service Differentiation in Technology Adoption: Evidence from Physician Markets,” and “Hospital-Physician Bargaining: Evidence from Physician Relationships with Industry.”

Fellowships and awards include the NBER/NIA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Health and Aging, a Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship, and an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Doctoral Fellowship.

He earned his PhD in health policy with a concentration in economics from Harvard University and an MA in economics and BS in mathematics and economics from the University of Toronto.

Smieliauskas joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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