Edward Morrison

Law School

Edward Morrison’s research explores the causes and consequences of insolvency, both consumer and corporate. He is credited with developing ideas that changed how the legal and business communities view bankruptcy. His current work includes a project testing the causal impact of unexpected health expenditures on bankruptcy filing rates and a series of papers exploring the determinants of mortgage default decisions by homeowners.

Morrison’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, and other foundations. In 2012, he and UChicago Professor Douglas Baird received the John Wesley Steen Law Review Writing Prize from the American Bankruptcy Institute. In 2009, he was awarded the Par Excellence Award by the University of Utah Alumni Association.

Morrison is a three-time graduate from the University of Chicago, having earned an MA and PhD in economics (in 1997 and 2003) and a JD from the Law School in 2000. After completing his JD, he clerked for Judge Richard Posner and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Morrison joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.