Dorian Abbot

Assistant Professor
Department of Geophysical Sciences and the College

Dorian Abbot focuses his research on understanding and explaining general and fundamental problems in climate dynamics and climate variability observations on a wide range of time scales. Specific areas of focus include Snowball Earth and other ancient climates, the climate of extrasolar planets and habitability, and Arctic sea ice.

Abbot has been the lead author on a number of publications, including “Sea Ice, High-Latitude Convection, and Equable Climates,” “Mudball: Surface Dust and Snowball Earth Deglaciation,” “The Steppenwolf: A Proposal for a Habitable Planet in Interstellar Space,” and “The Jormungand Global Climate State and Implications for Neoproterozoic Glaciations.”

From 2009 to 2011 he was a junior fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and also held a University of Chicago T. C. Chamberlin Postdoctoral Fellowship. He has received numerous other graduate and undergraduate research fellowships, including one sponsored by the National Science Foundation and one sponsored by the Department of Defense.

He earned his PhD and SM in applied mathematics from Harvard University and holds an AB in physics from Harvard College.

Abbot joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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