Daniel Gruenstein

Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Chief, Section of Pediatric Cardiology

As a pediatric interventional cardiologist, Daniel Gruenstein searches for less invasive ways of repairing heart defects by developing novel techniques and approaches, including the design and testing of new medical devices. He has developed a new modality of evaluating alterations in pulmonary blood flow that has the potential to give real-time assessment of flow disturbances and quantification of the acute impact of treatment, and potentially reduce the need for procedures.

Gruenstein is also committed to the education of the pediatric cardiology community in the use of various devices and techniques. As one of only five instructors, he trains approximately 20 percent of all cardiologists in the United States who use the Amplatzer Atrial Septal Occluder device to treat atrial septal defects, or holes in the wall between the upper chambers of the heart.

Gruenstein received his MD from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and completed a fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He previously held academic appointments at the University of Minnesota, Case Western Reserve University, and Brown University.

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