Dam Thanh Son

University Professor
Department of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, James Franck Institute, and the College

Dam Thanh Son, who is the 19th person to hold a University Professorship
at the University of Chicago, has demonstrated links between such seemingly unrelated areas of physics as nuclear physics and black holes. A theoretician, his interests also include atomic, condensed matter, and particle physics. He gained international prominence for his application of ideas from string theory to the understanding of nuclear matter under high temperature and high density.

Son most recently served as a senior fellow at the Institute for Nuclear Theory and also held an appointment as a professor of physics at the University of Washington. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society. He was an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and received an Outstanding Junior Investigator Award from the US Department of Energy. He is the author or co-author of about 100 scholarly publications.

In 1991, Son was awarded his MS in physics from Moscow State University. He received his PhD in physics in 1995 from the Institute for Nuclear
Research in Moscow, Russian Federation. He subsequently held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a faculty appointment at Columbia University. He was also a fellow at the RIKEN Brookhaven National Laboratory Research Center.

Son joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.