Constantine V. Nakassis

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology and the College

Constantine V. Nakassis is a cultural and linguistic anthropologist. His regional focus is South India in the state of Tamil Nadu. His ethnographic research focuses on college-going youth and the relationship between youth cultural practice and the mass-mediated social forms that such practice draws upon: for example, the place of (counterfeit) brands in youth fashion and its relationship to export-oriented textile production in the state; the usage of English in youth slang and the relationship of such slang to music television programming; the role of Tamil commercial films (and especially the celebrity of particular actors) as touchstones for youth cultural practice and the ways in which the trajectories of particular actors echo and incorporate such practices.

Prior to his appointment as an assistant professor, Nakassis was a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in the University of Chicago’s Department of Anthropology.

He earned his PhD in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, as well as a BA from the same institution in 2001, with a double major with distinctions in psychology and anthropology.

Nakassis joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2012.