Austin Carson

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and the College

Austin Carson studies the politics of secrecy and publicity in international relations. His book project “Facing Off and Saving Face” analyzes the logic of secrecy in external military interventions, showing how states shift to covert forms of intervention to control conflict escalation dynamics. Other research projects explore such related themes as the diplomatic signaling value of undertaking covert action, the impact on new international norms from publicizing or concealing deviance in the international system, insights into secrecy from the sociology of Erving Goffman applied to international politics, and the impact of national intelligence on international organizations. 

He is the author of “Facing Off and Saving Face: Covert Intervention and Escalation Management in the Korean War,” an article based on the book project that explores secret Soviet-American aerial combat during the Korean War. It is forthcoming in the journal International Organization.

Carson earned his PhD from The Ohio State University in 2013. He has received research fellowships to support his projects from Princeton University’s Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance and The George Washington University’s Institute for Security and Conflict Studies.

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