Amanda Sharkey

Assistant Professor

Chicago Booth

Amanda Sharkey is an economic sociologist who studies how such social factors as status and identity impact how organizations and individuals are evaluated in market settings. Her research lies at the intersection of economic sociology, organization theory, and social psychology.

Sharkey is currently involved in three projects. The first is a paper looking at how differences in the respect, esteem, and social standing of business industries influence the market reaction to firms that issue earnings restatements. She argues that market participants use industry status to interpret organizational actions that are uncertain in meaning or difficult to evaluate. As a result, firms from high-status industries are penalized less for restating than are those from low-status industries. In another project, she is studying the role of matching processes in driving variation in rates of entrepreneurship across different firms. In a third project, she is using data on NBA basketball players to explore the tension between reciprocity and performance as drivers of helping behavior.

Sharkey earned a BS in journalism and a BA in economics from Northwestern University in 1999. She received a master’s degree in social research methods from the London School of Economics in 2004 and a PhD in sociology from Stanford University in 2011. Her work has been presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management as well as the Organizational Ecology conference.

Sharkey joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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