Alexander High

Assistant Professor
Institute for Molecular Engineering

Alexander High is seeking to develop new methods to tailor the flow of light and study light-matter interaction in nanoscale systems. This interdisciplinary research, which utilizes techniques in quantum materials engineering, nanophotonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, and quantum optics, involves exploring the fundamental physics of optical processes in emerging solid state materials, developing nanoscale methods to engineer these properties, and subsequently integrating these engineered systems with new optical platforms. The goals of this research include the building of integrated, controllable quantum-optical networks and the realization of ultra-efficient optical communications, which could have applications to renewable energy, water engineering, and bioengineering.

His research findings have been published in Nature Nanotechnology, Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, and Applied Physics.

High earned a BA in physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in physics from the University of California, San Diego, where he received an Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Scholarship. Most recently, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.

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