Adrienne Brown

Assistant Professor
Department of English Language and Literature and the College

Adrienne Brown specializes in American and African American cultural production in the 20th century. She is currently exploring the influence of architecture and urban planning on literary form and the ways that narrative intervenes in historical and experiential understandings of space. Her work also evaluates a range of objects beyond the literary, considering the ways TV shows hear, journalists see, and class may be felt, and race’s sonic and spatial dimensions.

She is working on a book recovering the skyscraper’s central role in structuring American social and aesthetic space in the early 20th century. This project explores how an array of writers approached the skyscraper as a radical instrument of perception that transformed modernity’s modes of seeing.

Brown’s work is forthcoming in Criticism and the Journal of Modern Literature. She received her PhD from Princeton University in 2011. 

Brown joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2011.

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