Timothy C. Berkelbach

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, James Franck Institute, and the College

Timothy C. Berkelbach is a theoretical chemist working at the interface of physical chemistry, materials science, and condensed matter physics. His research focuses on understanding and predicting the electronic and optical properties of nanoscale materials, especially anisotropic, layered, and low-dimensional semiconductors. While staying closely engaged with experimental data, he develops new techniques aimed at quantum dynamics and electronic structure in the condensed phase. Applications for his research include chemical sensing, information storage and computing, and alternative energy.

His research has been published in Nature Physics, Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society, among others.

Berkelbach received undergraduate degrees in chemistry and physics from New York University, as well as a PhD in chemical physics from Columbia University, where he was a US Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Research Fellow and was honored with the Louis Hammett Award for Excellence in Graduate Research. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science.

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