Kamran Riaz

Assistant Professor
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Kamran Riaz is an ophthalmologist whose research involves the most complex conditions of the anterior segment of the eye. He performs a full range of cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery. His subspecialty areas of interest include refractive cataract surgery with the use of femtosecond laser and advanced technology intraocular lens implants; management of dry eye, lid margin disease, and ocular surface disease; endothelial keratoplasty; complex cataract surgery, including placement of secondary intraocular lenses; refractive surgery, including laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK), photorefractive keratectomy/surface ablation, and refractive lens exchange; and management of post-cataract surgery complications. Riaz serves as the director of refractive surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine.

His research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Ophthalmology, Cornea, the Journal of Refractive Surgery, and Ocular Immunology and Inflammation.

Riaz received undergraduate degrees in history and economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and earned his MD from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. He completed an internship at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago, followed by a residency in ophthalmology at Northwestern University, where he was appointed chief resident and won the Best Resident Research Award. He then completed a fellowship in cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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