Jennifer Iverson

Assistant Professor
Department of Music and the College

Jennifer Iverson’s research focuses on music in the mid-to-late-20th century, particularly electronic music, the mid-century avant-garde, and disability in music. Her scholarship is both analytical and archival. She trained as a music theorist and has also worked in archives in Switzerland and Germany. Her book in progress, “Electronic Inspirations,” shows that the electronic music studio housed in the WDR radio station in Cologne, Germany, served as the central locus for the European avant-garde in the 1950s. The electronic music studio provided a space to reclaim wartime technology and ideas and put them to artistic use. Her second research area is disability studies, in which she analyzes historical and cultural ideas about disabled bodies. She has written about Björk’s music, the film Dancer in the Dark, and the disabled body in electronic music.

She serves on the editorial board of Music Theory Spectrum, the flagship journal of the Society for Music Theory (SMT). She was recently elected to the Council of the American Musicological Society. She previously chaired SMT’s Disability Studies Interest Group and served on its Accessibility Committee.

Iverson received a master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Northern Iowa and a PhD in music theory from the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, she was an assistant professor of music theory at the University of Iowa. 

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