Hae Kyung Im

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Hae Kyung Im’s research is centered around the development of statistical methods that sift through vast amounts of genomic and other high dimensional data, in order to understand the biological mechanisms that drive complex diseases and make discoveries that can be translated into improving human health. She focuses on methods that predict and dissect complex traits, through the use of data from multiple heterogeneous sources. Her methods, software, and results are public and promote open and reproducible science.

Im is a member of the American Statistical Association, American Society of Human Genetics, International Genetic Epidemiology Society, American Association for Cancer Research, and American Diabetes Association. Her many honors and awards include a best paper award from the International Genetic Epidemiology Society. She has served as a manuscript reviewer for the American Journal of Human Genetics, Nature Communications, and Nature Genetics, among other journals.

Im received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics from the Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Argentina, as well as a second master’s degree in financial mathematics and a PhD in statistics from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the faculty, she served as a research associate in the University’s Departments of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, and the Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science.

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