Daniel Yurovsky

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology and the College

Daniel Yurovsky studies how we learn from the people around us and especially how children learn language. He is interested in how children’s rapid language acquisition emerges from the interaction of their learning mechanisms and the structure of their learning environments. His work combines behavioral and computational analysis of infants’, children’s, and adults’ learning mechanisms with corpus analyses of the language children hear and the world they see.

His research has been published in the Journal of Child Language, Developmental Science, Cognition, and Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. He is an active contributor to Wordbank, an open data repository for developmental vocabulary data. Yurovsky is currently the principal investigator for the University’s Communication and Learning Lab.

He received PhD degrees in cognitive psychology and cognitive science from Indiana University. Prior to that, he earned BS degrees in computer science and cognitive science from Carnegie Mellon University. He was a National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University.

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