Andrew Campbell

Associate Professor
Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the College

Andrew Campbell performs research on the physical and chemical properties of materials under high pressure and high temperature conditions to better understand the constitution, structure, and evolution of the earth’s interior. Seismological studies provide direct information on the properties of minerals in the earth’s interior, and petrological studies of mantle-derived rocks place strong constraints on the composition of the mantle. Developments in computational geodynamics offer continuing improvements in understanding processes internal to the planet. Mineral physics plays an essential role in all of these fields, by providing material properties as a basis for seismological, petrological, and geodynamical interpretations of the earth’s interior.

Campbell has been the recipient of several honors, including the CAREER award (2009–14) from the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development Program and a Distinguished Assistant Professor Award from the University of Maryland. He received a Carnegie Fellowship from the Carnegie Institution and the McCormick Fellowship from the University of Chicago.

Campbell has been a visiting investigator at the Carnegie Institution for Science since 2009 and a research associate, Department of Geology, for the Field Museum since 2005. He received his PhD in geophysics from the University of Chicago (1993) and his BS in geophysics from the California Institute of Technology (1988).

Campbell joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2010.

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