Jennifer La'O

Assistant Professor
Chicago Booth

Jennifer La’O conducts research in macroeconomics, theory, and finance. Her current research focuses on how informational and financial frictions affect the short-run fluctuations of the aggregate economy. In her current paper, “Collateral Constraints and Noisy Fluctuations,” she explores how dispersed information and collateral constraints on firm-level investment lead to greater non-fundamental volatility in GDP and asset prices. Her most recent publication, “Noisy Business Cycles,” appeared in the NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2009.

La’O earned her PhD in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. She received her BA in economics in 2005, also from MIT, with a minor in mathematics. She won an award for best paper in the MIT undergraduate economics journal, and as a graduate student she was awarded the Ida M. Green Fellowship.

La'O joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2010.

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